Privacy Policy

The members will always be our first priority and our fundamental philosophy is “members first.” We respect our members’ privacy and the information we gather will be based on this policy.

This member’s privacy policy is created to allow the members to stay informed and have full access to whatever they share on this website.


The Superb Student is established with the view to create an on online platform for students and graduates to apply for any university in the world or apply to jobs. The information provided will be protected by using industry-standard safeguards. The information of members will only be shared by consent of members only as required by law.

The Superb Student is an online platform to help students and graduates find universities of their choice, exchange their views and experience with other students, learn new skills, improve their job prospect and connect to other students around the world. The Superb Student will also help them to find graduate roles and be successful in their career.

There is nothing more important to us than members’ privacy and trust and we use the policies provided below to protect our members.

The Superb Student will only provide your information to third parties only with your consent or as required by law. This privacy policy may be modified in future and we will inform our members of any changes in future. If you are not happy with this privacy policy, you can close your account. Accepting this privacy policy means consenting to Superb Student rules and any future changes to this policy.

1.1 Information Collection

The Superb Student collects information when you register including your name, email address, phone number and password. We store these information to personalize our service to you and open new opportunities and connect you with other students, teachers, universities and employers. If you are not happy with the information we store or display on our website or pass to universities or employers, then you should not register and become a member.

1.2 Registration

For registration we collect your name, password, email address and contact number and agree with this privacy policy and user agreement. In order to complete your profile you might also provide additional information like current job and company name which will be used to provide you with specific job recommendations and people of similar interests or relevant ads. Your profile will be visible to public and members of Superb Student unless you want to delete your account.

1.3 Adding Information to Profile

In order to improve the experience of members additional information such as skill, likes, awards and membership of professionals bodies may also be added by members which will provide the members with further opportunities and recruiters and universities can find the required candidates. When you send an invitation to another person to connect with you, they will have access to your email address and profile and all other of your connections will have access to the information you provide in your profile. We also store information when you contact us for any support.

2.0 Superb Student Sites usage

The Superb Student will collect information when you use our website and interact with any advertisements. We also store information when you make a group, join a group or install other applications. We store information when you apply to universities in order to help you with registration and apply to jobs. We might also use cookies to gather further information such your IP address.

2.1 Cookies

We might use cookies in future in order to gather further information to improve our services, increase security measures and help you find relevant opportunities of your interests. You can control cookies through your browser settings and other tools. When you use our services you consent to the placement of cookies into your browser.

2.2 Advertisements Preferences

You will be shown ads on our website as per your profile and the performance of advertisements will be measured by amounts of click on specific ads. The ads will be shown on the basis of webpages you visit and which ads you click on.

We will not share your information with third party advertisers without your separate permission.

We will gather information when you visit our website. The information includes your IP Addresses, type of web browser, mobile carrier and ISP and location data which will be used to provide you with your location related jobs and advertisements. We will improve our service in future for safety of your information and to prevent fraud. We will notify you of any changes to this policy if anything changes in future or we use new features to gather new information from members.

2.3 Usage of Personal information

By registering on Superb Student website you agree that your profile can be seen by other people. The information you provide like your name or profile picture can reveal your gender. You share and update your profile information voluntarily and if you are not happy with your profile being seen by other people, you can close your account.

You agree that your information will be store and processed according to this privacy policy and will not be shared with any third party without your consent.

The Superb Student will be in contact with you regarding new updates, recommend new services or friends, security reasons which will through email, your Superb Student inbox or other means.

When you request to be connected with other members, the invitation email will contain your name and email address so, the other member can see your profile and identify you.

The information you provide will be used to improve our services and provide you with better opportunities and connect you with right people. We will also recommend you to new members to connect to and expand your network. We will also show you information and news related to your industry and choice in order to enhance engagement of the members.

We will only share information with the universities or recruiter, you wish to apply for a specific course or job only after your consent.

Please note that your profile will be public and other members can see it and may contact you in order to connect to you or to be your friends. We will not share your information with anyone unless it is required by law or by your consent.

When you register as a member you can search for other members with specific expertise and knowledge, search universities and different courses provided by those universities and apply to the course of your choice, join groups and communities and improve your network of connections.

When you become a member of a group and post contents, your contents can be seen and store by other members of the group or advertisers.

When you apply for a job, your profile information will be available to recruiters and they might obtain additional information through other means like your curriculum vitae if you have provided them with your CV. You can follow certain companies to view their current jobs.

The list of universities provide information regarding each university, which subjects are available, the ranking of a university and the views of other students regarding the university and its environment.

You can view and access information regarding the university of your choice and apply to the faculty that you want to study. We will help you in the enrolment process and make it super easy for both side the students and universities and it’s our mission to help the students all over the world and make their life easier. We also aim to bring all the information in one place so it will be easy to decide which university or college to choose or which job is the best to improve students experience and future prospects.   


 2.4 Legal and Other Disclosures

If the law requires we may disclose your information in United Kingdom or any other country to government agencies to prevent any illegal or suspected activities, to protect and secure the services of Superb Student against claims of third-party, to safeguard the rights, property and identity of members of Superb Student. We will always notify you of such demands by government unless prohibited by law or court.

 We may also share your information with a third party as a result of the sale of Superb Student Company or one of its divisions. The third party will use your personal information in the same manner as set in this privacy policy.

The information you provide may be transferred to a country other than your country of residence where Superb Student operates and we may hire third party service provider to help with maintenance and analysis and they will only have limited access to your information.

2.5 Your Information, Your Choice

The information you provide in Superb Student, you are the owner of the information. You can edit and delete the information anytime in your profile or can request to delete your account from Superb Student. We may retain your information in case of any legal and regulatory requirements for the time period required.

Things to Remember

In order to create an account, you must meet the minimum age requirement as described in the User Agreement.

There may be changes to this privacy policy and the way we process your personal information as the company grow. The changes will be communicated through emails or inbox mail services, if you are not happy with any changes you can delete your account. If after changes you continued using the service it will constitute as consent to the changes.

We use the industry standard security measures to keep your information safe as your account and information is secured by your password which you should keep safe and do not share with anyone else. As the internet is not completely safe environment so we cannot guarantee that your information will not be accessed, modified or transferred and it is your responsibility to keep your login information safe. The information you provide to other members are not safe, so do not share any confidential information by email, message and other means and use strong password which is not easy to guess.

We are very happy to have you on this journey with us and we will try our best to provide you with an informative, educational and full of opportunities environment.

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